Mobile Application Security Testing

Mobile Application Security Testing

Mobile Application Security Testing is a critical component in any security services roster. Mobile devices have proven useful for both personal and official purposes. Also, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies have facilitated mobile usage for corporate use as well. Furthermore, mobiles act as a data hub of sorts storing documents, messages, images etc.

Mobile apps running on the devices have evolved with the devices themselves. They are now at par with enterprise level products. However, this facility comes with a caveat. Applications require access to user data, geo-location and device sensors. As a result, Mobile Applications bring with them lots of vulnerabilities and threats.

Mobile Device Vulnerabilities

  • Weakly Secured Wireless Networks.
  • Malware spread across networks.
  • Unencrypted information stored on devices.
  • Bluetooth technologies as avenues for hackers to launch an attack.
  • Loss of data may affect employee productivity.
  • No authentication requirements.
  • Unsigned Third-party applications.
  • Devices not managed by corporate standardized process

Such vulnerabilities make Mobile Application Security imperative. Especially so for any business utilising apps to engage with customers. It is vital that such business apps are secure and respect user privacy. Being lax about security can lead to immediate loss of face and consequently, revenue.

Despite the obvious pitfalls, many organizations struggle with implementing the appropriate security measures.

Why Choose Panacea InfoSec?

Our security professionals test applications under both static and dynamic mobile applications testing. Additionally, we support both manual security testing and automated security testing. This is achieved using commercial tools and opens source tools. For instance, Veracode is a commercial product while QARK, OWASP Zed Attack Proxy Project (ZAP) are open source.

Features covered under Mobile Applications Security:

  • Encryption during transit and storage.
  • Network authentication, authorization, and accounting.
  • Anti-Virus software.
  • Storage management.
  • Battery Management.
  • Device Registration.
  • Mobile Device Management solutions.
  • Remote wipe and lock.
  • Secure remote support.
  • Small applications.
  • Signed applications.
  • Using licensing concept in the applications.
  • Awareness Training.

Our Mobile Application Security Service ensures complete security coverage for your mobile applications, thereby ensuring continuous growth for your business.