eCommerce & Retail Merchants

Cybersecurity and Retail have become intertwined as we move towards a digital economy.  Today, retailers and ecommerce merchants are on the front lines of the data security battle. Data breaches over the past few years has proven that fact. In order to counter such risks, the retail industry has moved to adopt data security standards. But still, imbalance remains in this regard.

Major retailers and merchants are well-versed in the payment industry security standards. Due to this, they have implemented technologies that address emerging risks. However, smaller retailers are just now becoming payment security standards-aware. Consequently, they are looking for compliance solutions that are both accurate and cost-effective.

Compliance Matters

Ignoring the need for data security adoption is a risk retail and ecommerce merchants cannot afford. On the other hand, if implemented incorrectly, you spend too much money or limit your business opportunities. That’s why you need a partner like Panacea InfoSec.

Real Challenges, Real Value

Panacea InfoSec will help you develop a right-sized compliance program. Not only will we help you get compliant, we will help you get value from the program. For retailers, we are particularly focused on:

  • Helping merchants that are new to payment industry to learn the standards and complete their first full assessment.
  • Guidance on how to reduce Payment Industries standards scope as much as possible through segmentation and implementing technologies like encryption or tokenization.
  • Helping you select controls that fit your business and operations
  • Providing guidance for developing procedures that protect your front-line associates.
  • Verifying that controls are working as intended.


Panacea InfoSec Can Help

We are the consultants for many of the leading eCommerce brands, merchants and POS applications. Among those, we’re the consultant for over 20 leading multi-channel merchants combining cybersecurity and retail. For each of our clients we put best foot forward. Our team is focused only on helping you reach your security and business goals.