IATA PCI Compliance

IATA and PCI DSS Compliance

Breach of cardholder data does not only affect the compromised merchant. It can have severe ripple effects throughout the industry as well. While, the merchant loses credibility and customer trust, the financial institutions behind the merchant can also come under scrutiny. Furthermore, the leak of confidential customer data can lead to financial losses, identity fraud and more consequences down the road.

Due to the sensitive nature of the data being processed, it is critical that IATA merchants comply with PCI DSS requirements. Complying with PCI Standards secures the organization network and customer data against data breaches.

How can Panacea InfoSec help?

We understand the needs of IATA, and the merchants associated with them. Due to this, Panacea InfoSec has developed a customised portal for IATA merchants.

The features within the IATA PCI compliance portal include:

  • Intuitive PCI Self-Assessment Questionnaire portal
  • Thoroughly documented compliance process
  • Access to leading PCI certified teams
  • Cybersecurity and Compliance services

Please register with Panacea InfoSec to kickstart your compliance journey.