PCI SAQ Compliance

PCI SAQ Compliance

PCI DSS standard is mandatory for all the businesses that store, process or transmit Credit Card data. The PCI DSS Self-Assessment Questionnaires (SAQs) are intended to assist merchants and service providers in evaluating compliance with the PCI DSS and assessing the security of cardholder data.

Why Should You Take the Self-Assessment Questionnaire?

The PCI SAQ is mandatory for various levels of the Payment card transactions. Therefore, PCI SAQ must be done annually to retain the certification and remaining compliant to PCI DSS. The process to SAQ compliance starts as follows. Firstly, determine the category of merchant or service providers you fall under, using the PCI DSS V3.2 Standard link. Following that, select the appropriate SAQ and AOC via the link PCI SAQ and AOC.

What makes up a SAQ?

Each PCI DSS SAQ consists of the following components:

  1. Questions relating to the PCI DSS requirements, as appropriate for different environments. The answers must be either Yes or No. You may be considered as non-compliant due to any negative answer. After that, the risk thus identified by the questionnaire must be remedied and the SAQ retaken.
  2. Attestation of Compliance (AOC): The Attestation signifies your eligibility to perform the SAQ and displays the results of the completed SAQ.

Different versions of the PCI DSS SAQs are designed to meet various scenarios. Consequently, this ensures you can meet PCI DSS standards as applicable to your environments.

SAQ Types:

  • A, B, C, and D
  • Specific SAQs A-EP, B-IP, C-VT, and P2PE-HW.

How can Panacea help?

Our SAQ experts will guide you through selection of the Questionnaire appropriate to your organization environment. In addition, we will explain the requirements of each question so that you may approach it with the utmost clarity. This expertise and hands-on approach ensured that our clients conduct business uninterrupted and stay compliant.