pCDS – Panacea Card Data Scanner

pCDS – Panacea Card Data Scanner is designed to identify cardholder data within a specific environment. Its functionality is uniquely suited to meet the requirements of the PCI DSS. Specifically, one of the intents of the PCI DSS Req 3.1. The requirement mandates protection of cardholder data and provides guidelines for Cardholder Data Elements.

However, meeting the PCI DSS requirement need not be the tool’s sole purpose. Additionally, pCDS identifies the scope of the card data environment and minimizes the risk of fraud over unidentified cards present in the premise of the service providers and/or merchants.

Due to its intelligent algorithm, pCDS correctly identifies the card numbers issued by various top payment brands. For instance, American Express, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, VISA and Diners cards. In addition to payment cards, Panacea Card Data Scanner can be tailored to search for other sensitive customer information.


  • Single machine deployment with scan execution across a private network
  • Scan across MySQL, MSSQL, Postgres and Oracle databases at different levels of granularity
  • Intuitive and Easy to Use
  • Resource and time efficient scan functionality

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