HIPAA Consulting

HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) Security Compliance

HIPAA is a standard, mandatory for all Healthcare systems that process, transmit and store PHI (Protected Health Information) data in electronic or paper form.

Who does HIPAA apply to?

HIPAA Security Compliance applies to two types of entities. These are, HIPAA Covered Entities and Business Associates to HIPAA Covered Entities. Instances of HIPAA Covered Entities are: Hospitals, Pharmacies, Health Insurance Companies, Health Care Clearinghouse, etc. Similarly, Business Associates to HIPAA Covered Entities: Legal firms, Actuarial Firms, Accounting Firms etc.

What is covered under HIPAA Consulting?

HIPAA Consulting includes appraising Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of PHI handled by HIPAA entities. In other words, assessment of potential risks and vulnerabilities to protected information. The following phases are included within HIPAA Regulatory Security Assessments.

  • On-site Assessment –   Inspection of the state of your administrative, physical, and technical security policies, plans, procedures, systems, and networks.
  • Internal & External Vulnerability Assessment –   Identifies technical weaknesses and vulnerabilities.
  • Gap Analysis –   Identifies difference between your current implementation and Security Rule provisions. Used for planning of any remediation efforts and proof of due-diligence.
  • Remediation –   Documents reasonable and appropriate recommendations to achieve full compliance

Why Should You Select Panacea?

We are Subject matter experts (SMEs) in HIPAA Compliance, Audits and security assessment. In addition, our HIPAA Consulting provide support for HIPAA Compliance Preparation, HIPAA Implementation, and HIPAA Audits. All in all, we prepare a comprehensive documented assessment and remediation package.