Information Security Policy Formulation & Assessment

Information Security

Information is the most critical asset held by an organization. Information confidentiality, integrity and availability hinges upon the procedures and policies implemented to ensure its security. Consequently, any damage to the business depends upon these principles of Information Security being upheld.

New technologies facilitate the access and storage of information through more distributed and complex means. The risk to the information is contingent on how proactively the organization updates its policies to match the advances. Unfortunately, the inherent challenges may endanger businesses and their customers.

Panacea InfoSec offers Information Security Assessment and Policy Formulation as a remedy. Our service comprises of two phases:

Phase One: Assessment

Firstly, we review your IT systems and information security regulations. This review measures their readiness and compares them with the industry standards. Following the review, we provide a gap analysis report. The report highlights the parts which require development.

Phase Two: Policy Formulation

Policy Formulation follows Assessment phase. It builds upon the gap report created during Phase One. During this phase, we support you in developing and implementing Information Security policies and processes. Most importantly, industry best practices and standards (ISO 27000 standards) act as guides here. The objective is creating an advanced documentation and regulatory framework to support and bolster the organization’s information security structure.

Last but not least, every organization has unique hurdles. However, our experts remain engaged with you throughout the process. Moreover, we can tailor the approach to your needs and ensure that your business is secure.