Web Application Security Testing

Web Application Security Testing

Web Application Security Testing is a critical component in a web security roster. Due to constant availability, they can be a tempting target. Compromised web apps are a means for attackers to access confidential data. Therefore, it is necessary to include security testing in all stages of the Software Development Life Cycle.

Testing Methods

Testing methods include Manual Testing and Automated Testing. Usually, either one of the two is implemented. However, the combination of both offers the most thorough coverage. Moreover, both approaches are necessary at different levels of granularity.

Automated tools can perform Black Box, Gray Box and White Box Testing. Also, these tools are useful for static and dynamic scans. However, some vulnerabilities can escape the automated tests. As a result, Manual Testing is useful to cover those cases.

Threat Modelling is emerging as an important consideration for Web Application Security. This recent technique involves identifying application threats and vulnerabilities in an application structure. Following identification, counter measures are drafted as well. Best practices dictate that Threat Modelling be included in all stages of Software development.

Why Should You Choose Panacea?

Panacea InfoSec Security Testing team adopts a three-pronged approach. Within this approach Manual testing, Automated Testing and Threat Modelling, are all included.

An Integrated Approach

Automated testing allows us to address the threats, vulnerabilities and risks to your web applications. Next, Manual testing allows our experts to check false positives. Additionally, we will guide your team on Threat Modelling. We will demonstrate how to include Threat Modelling in development and how to counter risks it uncovers.

Best Practices

Employing industry best practices is the norm for us. OWASP and SANS are provide the most reliable guidelines. OWASP Top 10 provides the top 10 web application threats. Similarly, SANS Top 20 Threats and SANS Top 100 Programming Errors feature as our guides.

Customised for You

Most importantly, we understand that every Web Application is unique. We work with your team to provide most accurate scope and address your requirements. Whether it is a standalone web application or distributed applications, our Web Application Security Service is for you.