File integrity review

File Integrity Review

File Integrity Review is also called as File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) Solutions. File Integrity Monitoring solutions manage the changes in the Operating Systems, files/folders, and access privileges the user has to the given files/folders. It prevents the privilege escalation and data compromise in the user’s desktops/Laptops and other systems.

What is an FIM Solution?

A typical FIM consists of FIM agent, Current state, and Baseline. It can work either in real time or Non-real time. The agent compares the current state of the files, folders or OS with the Baseline and then provides a lot of forensic data which is integrated with the Log Analyzer to provide meaningful data. There are varieties of FIM solutions in the market. A example of proprietary FIM could be by McAfee ePO FIM solution or Open source solution such as Tripwire.

What is the need for FIM?

Cyber security countermeasures have to keep evolving constantly. However, the increased sophistication of threat vectors requires a more proactive approach. Increase in the number of servers, applications, databases, data files and log files offers a larger target area to attackers. Implementation of a FIM can help in protect these assets by alerting businesses to unauthorised and suspicious events.

FIM is recommended and mandated as an important internal control by various standards and Acts such as PCI, HIPAA, and NERC SIP, making it a crucial part of the cyber security posture.

How can Panacea help?

Our experts can support you in the configuration and implementation of a FIM solution as per your need. They are experienced with diverse products and monitor the FIM for purposes aligned with your cyber security strategy. With our expertise, we can help you secure your data and assets while reinforcing your customers’ confidence in you as your business grows.