Wireless Security Testing

Panacea InfoSec’s Wireless Network Security Assessment utilizes a risk-based approach to identify vulnerabilities. This approach aims to identify critical vulnerabilities on all wireless infrastructure within scope.

Primary Goals of assessment:

  • rovide management with an understanding of the level of risk from Internet-accessible services.
  • Present recommendations and details to facilitate a cost-effective and targeted mitigation approach.
  • Create a basis for future decisions regarding information security strategy, requirements and resource allocation.

Why perform a Wireless Network Security Assessment?

  • To simulate a real-world attack on critical infrastructure and understand the level of risk that exists at a single moment in time.
  • To gain assurance that a malicious attacker cannot gain unauthorized access to wireless or connected wired resources.
  • To understand the level of risk for your organization compared to similar companies.

Panacea Infosec’s Wireless Penetration Testing and Assessment services are designed to evaluate these implications and risks by:

  • Assessing the architecture and design of the wireless infrastructure
  • Assessing the configuration of both the wireless infrastructure and the clients that connect to this infrastructure
  • Assessing the security controls deployed to protect, segment, and monitor the wireless infrastructure
  • The detection of unauthorized and/or rogue access points


The wireless infrastructure will be evaluated for numerous common vulnerabilities, including:

  • Wireless Security Policy Review
  • Physical security of wireless access points
  • Wireless signal strength (heatmap)
  • Network naming convention
  • Signal strength and dispersion, and others

Running this scope on a regular basis also addresses regulatory requirements. Examples of this are FFIEC/GLBA, HIPAA/HITECH, NERC, and Payment system security standards. In conclusion, Panacea InfoSec Wireless Security Services provides a complete service package for your security needs.