Banks & Financial Institutions

Financial Industry and Compliance

Banks and Financial Institutions are currently characterized by a deep integration of technology. Maintaining the competitive edge requires continuous efforts towards service enhancement, increased efficiency of processes and operations. Consequently, this involves the introduction of newer products and applications.

On the other hand, the financial sector is at most risk from cyber attacks. Meanwhile, introduction of new services and applications presents new avenues for attacks.From malware infections to fully coordinated DDoS attacks, the financial sector requires the most advanced defenses against all threat vectors. It is therefore imperative that the institutions recognize, address and manage security risks.

Leading international standards such as PCI DSS, PCI 3DS, ISO 27001, SWIFT require compliance with their guidelines for robust information risk management.

How Can Panacea Help?

Panacea InfoSec is an authorised body for issuing PCI DSS and ISO 27001 certifications. Additionally, we provide consultation services in PCI DSS, PCI 3DS, SWIFT and ISO standard implementations. Over the years, we have worked closely with leading institutions in the financial sector in developing effective and sustainable information security management systems.