Firewall rules and configuration review

What is the need for Firewall Review?

Firewall Review is a critical activity. A Firewall is the first line of defense for any networked environment. It is the castle gate preventing unauthorized access to a private network. However, to be effective the firewall must be configured and managed correctly. Unfortunately, failing these requirements can render the firewall ineffectual. Thereby leaving the network vulnerable to attacks.

How Can Panacea Help?

Firewall Rules and Configuration Review are critical activities. Firstly, the review involves study of the organization network diagrams and business requirements. Following that, a comparison with best industry practices and firewall configuration standards. Consequently, the review will uncover deficiencies within the network.

The deficiencies can include:

  • Gaps in rules and their granularity
  • Weak access controls
  • Deficient managed procedures

Our experts are well versed in Firewall Rule Review and Configuration Review. Due to this expertise, they can quickly identify inadequacies. Additionally, our team would also guide you through the remediation process. In conclusion, you will find that Panacea offers the complete suite of managed services for Firewall Review.