About Us

The Vision

Panacea InfoSec was incorporated in 2012 to lay the foundation of a specialist Information Security company which would establish itself as an authority in security solutions. Accredited by the PCI (Payment Card Industry) Security Standards Council as a PCI DSS QSA, Panacea Infosec is the only PCI QSA Company based out of Northern India. Furthermore, we are empaneled on the CERT-In Emergency Response Team under the Govt of India. We have grown solely through proven domain knowledge and experience with quality oriented methodologies. Over time, Panacea has worked with more than 300 clients worldwide including:

  • Banks & Financial Institutions,
  • Telecom & Telecom solution provider,
  • Payment Gateways,
  • e-Commerce Merchants,
  • Loyalty Program Management Provider,
  • Hosting & Cloud Service provider,
  • Travel,
  • IT Enabled Service Providers (BPO, KPO etc.)

Our Solutions and Skills

Panacea Infosec brings a vast repertoire of security programs developed for various clients over the years. In addition, our team comprises of accomplished technical experts in Information Security. Although our services include regulatory compliance, penetration testing, risk assessment, we aim to ensure that the company progresses in a maturity model towards maintaining security at all levels.

Delivering Excellence

At Panacea InfoSec, we deliver security as a service to consumers and enterprises. Our long-term relationships with our customers is based on two factors. Mutual trust and services that go well beyond the scope of any agreement. Technology is an important factor in a Information Security Program. However, it is better used to enhance an already functioning security program, through automation and increasing the ability for improvement. Therefore, we, at Panacea InfoSec firmly believe that a security program can be run efficiently without massively large budgets.

Panacea InfoSec staff and consultants have vast experience in providing a range of Information Security services. Examples include Payment Industry, ISO 27001 consulting, intrusion detection, incident handling, computer forensics, regulatory compliance, penetration testing and application assessments. Our professionals provide industry-leading expertise to help organizations meet their evolving information security needs.

Management Team