Banking and Finance

Panacea helps enterprises attain compliance assurance for regulation such as SOX and GLBA with out-of-the-box Automation Suites, delivering comprehensive reports, forensic investigations and real-time alerts that map directly to specific mandates. It also increases fraud detection and prevention capabilities through industry leading advanced correlation, automated behavioral analysis, and pattern recognition.

Telecom & Communications

The Telecom industry is a complex landscape constantly adapting to industry regulations, innovations and customer needs. With each technological advancement, it becomes possible to leverage bandwidth in unprecedented ways. Consequently, as new revenue streams emerge, the customer base increases accordingly. Therefore, reinforcing the need to strong security controls to safeguard customer information.


Data security is an ever present concern in the outsourcing industry. The nature of the industry involves continuous exchange of confidential information with offshore parties. Such information includes, but isn’t limited to, financial, medical and personal information. Furthermore, there are questions about how the data is collected, stored and utilized.

Payment Gateways & Service Providers

Payment Gateways handle millions of transactions in a day. Each transaction contains sensitive user information. As a result, Payment gateways are among most risk prone organizations from cyber attacks. Panacea recognizes these risks and ensures complete compliance to PCI DSS controls. Secure transactions guarantees competitive edge and continued growth for business.

eCommerce & Retail

Panacea delivers comprehensive solutions for retailers and other enterprises to protect customer information and meet compliance requirements with an out-of-the-box Automation Suite for PCI, fully integrated File Integrity Monitoring and custom support for Point-Of-Sale (POS) systems. It also provides superior capabilities for real-time collection and analysis of log data from remote retail locations via industry leading advanced agent technology.


The Tourism industry sees millions of transactions daily world wide from a variety of entities. Such entities include individual travel agents, merchant companies to tourism portals. Each entity handles and stores confidential customer data comprising of payment card data, identity details and more. Lack of compliance can leave these agents open to data theft, hacking and fraud. Consequently, IATA has mandated all registered agents to ensure complete compliance with PCI DSS. Panacea offers IATA agents the ability to comply through Self-Assessment Questionnaires.


Panacea helps healthcare organizations secure ePHI, improve visibility into different log sources from EHR/EMR platforms, and comply with regulations such as HIPAA and HITECH via industry leading automation suites for compliance. Its advanced correlation, automated behavior analysis, and pattern recognition utilizing all log data delivers healthcare organizations with the tools necessary to protect ePHI and comply with the requirements necessary to show meaningful use.


The insurance industry deals in vast amounts of confidential information with large databases storing sensitive customer data. Due to this, insurance companies are lucrative targets for potential attacks by cyber criminals. New regulations mandate insurers to maintain customer data in secure environments. Failing this, insurers can be fined high penalties for non-compliance. Panacea can provide solutions to ensure the customer data, organization systems and applications remain secure.