SSAE 18 stands for Statements on Standards for Attestation Engagements no. 18. This audit supersedes the previous SSAE 16 audit. SSAE is an auditing standard for how service organizations report on compliance controls. Furthermore, there are three SSAE audits, namely, SOC1, SOC2 and SOC3. Each SOC serves a specific purpose.

  • SOC1 is applicable to Financial Systems in the Organization.
  • SOC2 is applicable to Security Controls of the Organization.
  • SOC3 is for Cyber trust and System trust, intended mainly for the security of web-based applications in the Organizations.

Additionally, SSAE 18 comprises of two forms of audits. Firstly, Type 1 audits are intended for the first SSAE certification. Secondly, Type 2 audits measure the maturity in SOC controls.

How Can Panacea Help You?

Panacea InfoSec is an accredited company for conducting SSAE 18 audits. Therefore, we can best suited to guide you through the following steps:

  1. Migrating from SSAE 16 to SSAE 18.
  2. Scoping.
  3. Preparedness audits.
  4. Conducting SSAE 18 audits.

Migrating from 16 to 18 attestation controls is essential. Our experts will support you with your client requirements for SSAE 18 audits certifications. Additionally, we also assist you in preparing “Statement of Assertion” document. Above all, we will support you from RFP preparation till the maintenance of the SSAE 18 standards.

Panacea InfoSec is being sought by many organizations for SSAE 18 audits. Whether at account level or Organization level, make sure you are SSAE 18 certified as well.