Secure Code Review

Secure Code Review

For your most critical applications a Pentest or Vulnerability Assessment might not provide reasonable assurance that your application is secure. A deeper assessment might be driven by compliance demands from the payment industry.

Code Review must start from the beginning of the Secure Software Development Life Cycle. It should be continued till the UAT is signed off. Furthermore, Threat Modelling must be considered before the Secure Software Development Life Cycle.

Our Secure Code Review service reports on vulnerabilities or security issues found in your applications. Our approach detects:

  • Common weaknesses in applications and their root cause;
  • Errors related with the implementation of cryptography;
  • Potential malicious code planted by developers;
  • Developer backdoors that were inadvertently put in production code;
  • Errors in the application design


What Sets Us Apart?

Our experts conduct Code Reviews through two methodologies.

  • Manual Review: Firstly, we create a checklist of the most critical parameters. These include Input Validation, Output Validation, Message Integrity, Following that, the parameters are analysed manually.
  • Automated Testing, a.k.a Tools based Testing: Tools like HP Fortify, OWASP Orizon Project, Findbugs are utilised in this approach.
  • Static Code Analysis: The system is analysed without running the code on the testing server.
  • Dynamic Code Analysis: The code is run on the testing server, then it is analysed.

Our cyber-security experts bring extensive experience in both approaches. Due to this, we can support you with Black Box testing, Gray Box Testing, and White Box Testing. In conclusion, we can add value to your code by securing them against Attacks, Malicious Code, Access violation, Fraud, Logical errors and Back Door entry.