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Panacea InfoSec

IT GRC on the Leading Edge

Retail is on the leading edge of our economy - an early indicator of conditions ahead.  That’s also true in the world of IT GRC, where retailers are on the front lines of the data security battle.  Major retailers are well-versed in the payment industry security standards and are now implementing technologies that reduce their scope and address emerging risks brought about by mobile technologies and social media. Smaller retailers are just now becoming payment security standards-aware, and are looking for compliance solutions that are both accurate and cost-effective.

Compliance Matters

If you ignore Payment card Industry compliance, or even if you don’t properly document or test your controls, you are taking unnecessary risks. On the other hand, if you over-do compliance, you spend too much money or limit your business opportunities.  That’s why you need a partner like Panacea InfoSec.

Real Challenges, Real Value

Panacea InfoSec will help you develop a right-sized compliance program.  Not only will we help you get compliant, we will help you get value from the program. For retailers, we are particularly focused on:

Panacea InfoSec Can Help

Quite simply, we know retail, and retail knows us. We are the consultants for many of the leading POS applications, and we're the consultant for over 20 leading multi-channel merchants. And 9 out of 10 of our customers engage us year after year. We are different than the firms that try to sell you security solutions. We are completely independent and focused only on your business goals.

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