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Panacea InfoSec

People, process, and technology are the foundational building blocks to any information security program. Penetration Testing evaluates the effectiveness of the information security program and identify weaknesses. Penetration testing is a sanctioned service where Panacea InfoSec simulates an attacker attempting to circumvent security controls and gain unauthorized access to systems. Panacea InfoSec will penetrate an organization and attempt to identify weaknesses and attempt to gain access to sensitive systems, intellectual property, and/or key business systems. Penetration testing is designed to impact the organization in a way to identify systemic weaknesses within the overall information security program.
A penetration tests main purpose is to simulate an attacker and the ability to impact the businesses ability to generate revenue. Penetration tests are great leverage points for the security group to get management exposure and emphasizes the importance towards critical security programs. Penetration testing also identifies areas in how attackers can systematically impact an organization and how they do business. Panacea InfoSec offers a number of Penetration Tests including:

In addition to the business aspects, penetration testing is a key indicator on how individual programs may be working within information security. A penetration test can identify issues with patch management, incident response, monitoring and detection, application security, system hardening, data loss prevention, and much more.

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