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Panacea InfoSec


Information Security and Data Privacy concerns are paramount as organizations outsource their IT Services and business processes, especially to offshore service providers. As sensitive information such as financial, insurance, medical and personal is accessed by offshore outsourcing service providers, there is a growing concern about the manner in which it is being collected, stored and utilized.

Banking and Finance

Panacea helps enterprises attain compliance assurance for regulation such as SOX and GLBA with out-of-the-box Automation Suites, delivering comprehensive reports, forensic investigations and real-time alerts that map directly to specific mandates. It also increases fraud detection and prevention capabilities through industry leading advanced correlation, automated behavioral analysis, and pattern recognition.

Service Providers

Because of their functionality, payment gateways are in the bracket of the most risky if a breach ever occurs. Panacea provides its clients with the technical skillfulness that the company has gained over the years by implementing stringent PCI DSS controls at some of the most coveted payment gateways and reviewing the same every year. 


Panacea helps healthcare organizations secure ePHI, improve visibility into different log sources from EHR/EMR platforms, and comply with regulations such as HIPAA and HITECH via industry leading automation suites for compliance. Its advanced correlation, automated behavior analysis, and pattern recognition utilizing all log data delivers healthcare organizations with the tools necessary to protect ePHI and comply with the requirements necessary to show meaningful use.


Oil, Gas, Energy and other process industries in the Manufacturing industry significantly leverage information technology to integrate business processes within the enterprise and beyond to achieve efficiency and effectiveness in their operations.


Panacea delivers comprehensive solutions for retailers and other enterprises to protect customer information and meet compliance requirements with an out-of-the-box Automation Suite for PCI, fully integrated File Integrity Monitoring and custom support for point-of-sale (POS) systems. It also provides superior capabilities for real-time collection and analysis of log data from remote retail locations via industry leading advanced agent technology.

Telecom & Communications

The Telecom industry is currently characterized by significant challenges such as changing customer needs, industry restructuring and consolidation, fierce competition, transformational innovation, and convergence. Availability of increased bandwidth is changing the way in which telecom operators conduct business, as revenue streams for information and data transfer gain greater importance.

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