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Every Organisation's CEO/CRO/CIO in India needs to think of getting IT Act,2008 Compliant.
Noncompliance of IT Act, 2008 can bring in financial liabilities to your company and may even land the CEO or a Director in jail [ refer S(85) of IT Act,2008].
IT Act, 2008 areas of Compliance :
Any company which receives, stores or transmits data on behalf of another person has an obligation to excercise "Due Diligence" which includes

Failure to comply with the above may result in damages payable for which there is no specified upper limit, besides possible imprisonment from 3 years to 7 years.

It is also necessary for Companies to understand that even if any of their employees contravene the provisions of the Act including committing of such personal offences such as searching for child pornography using the corporate network, then there could be vicarious liabilities on the organization and its Directors and Executives.

Prevention of these liabilities requires a Cyber Law Compliance (IT Act,2008 Compliance) Programme with special focus on ITA 2008. Even if the organization is ISO 27001 certified, it is recommended that the organization should review its security policy and examine ITA 2008 compliance.

Cyber Law Consulting can help you to

1. Conduct due diligence 
2. Conduct Audit  
3. Draft Best Security Practices 
4. Check Compliance
5. Achieve IT ACT, 2008 Compliance
6. Certify
7. IT Act Compliance after ISO 27001 8.SEBI Compliance

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