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Panacea InfoSec

Saving Lives and Protecting Data

The acronyms of today’s healthcare industry are expanding beyond EKG, CBC, and MRI to include letter combinations such as ePHI, HIPAA, and HITECH. Modern healthcare organizations face the daily challenge of providing quality healthcare while complying with an increasing number of regulations concerning privacy and data security. And the risk of a data breach is not limited to the organization itself. Healthcare organizations are now responsible for the data security of their business associates as well.

Healthcare Providers

With the introduction of electronic health records and enterprise-wide integrated information systems, healthcare providers must actively assess and manage the risk associated with their patients’ health as well as their personal health information.

Healthcare Payers

Under the new reforms, healthcare payers must find ways to manage risk and improve the efficiency of their business operations while meeting the demands of an increasing number stakeholders, including members, employers, investors, and regulators.

Healthy IT Security

For healthcare organizations of every size, a proactive, balanced, and integrated approach to IT security is the most effective strategy the protecting the data under their care. A comprehensive security plan should include:

Panacea InfoSec Can Help

Panacea InfoSec is a reputed leader in IT compliance. Our expertise extends beyond healthcare providers to include associated financial institutions and service providers that fall under newly implemented regulations. We offer a full suite of security services designed to improve the health of your IT security and protect the data under your care.

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