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Panacea InfoSec

Panacea InfoSec Offerings: Panacea InfoSec’s Application Security Assessment provides an extensive and objective security analysis of organization’s internally developed or commercial applications that need to be secured from vulnerabilities that can lead to a compromise of sensitive data. Our security experts allows organizations to prioritize risk against business objectives so teams can address the most important flaws first and offers a higher level of accuracy by returning fewer false positives and delivering a more comprehensive analysis.

Application Vulnerability Assessments are integral to a systematic and proactive approach to web security that reduces the risk associated with application level attacks (e.g. Cross-Site Scripting, SQL Injection) and ensuring compliance with relevant standards, laws & regulations.

Key activities include:

The predominant benefits realized by an Application Vulnerability Assessment are:

Because Application Vulnerability Assessments are fully “tool-based” manual review of the findings by someone well versed in web application security is usually necessary to optimally leverage the output.
Application Vulnerability Assessments are best used:

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